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Hate Violence Prevention Partnership Los Angeles

Why Should I Report a Hate Crime?

More than half of all hate crimes are not reported to authorities, creating the illusion that hate crimes are rare when in fact they are increasing at an alarming rate every year.


  • Reporting of hate crimes can enhance penalties for perpetrators.
  • Reporting hate crimes can increase specialized support for victims.
  • Reporting hate crimes encourages appropriate problem-solving action from the appropriate authorities.
  • The person targeted in a hate crime is not the only victim, their entire community may suffer. Reporting can help those people close to you and other people like you.

Hate Crimes & Health:

  • Injuries are not just physical, but can also be emotional and/or financial.
  • Victims of hate violence suffer more distress following an attack than do victims of random crime.
  • Incidents that result in minor property damage or assault can still have long-term impacts on victims.
  • Survivors of hate crimes are more likely to develop depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and are more likely to have feelings of fear, anger, or even hopelessness for up to 5 years after an attack.
  • Recognize that immediate emotional reactions from a victim can range from rage to terror to grief.